Friday, 18 March 2016

The man who can't be moved

Here is the story about the man who can’t be moved. To tell you where it all started I need to get you all back to your college time, the first day of college after your last day of school. A complete change in your life where you no more had to be anxious about your school home work, or whatever thing related to school you did last 10 years or more. An unsullied start with all new-fangled things around you new friends new way of dressing yourself, making physically looks prettier or handsome.
It was my first day going to college, due to spending a long vacation in my native place. I missed out the cut off lists and all other things that makes you eligible to get into college, had to get spot admission in nearby college. I was running late on my first day of college and when I entered my new college looking the measureless space they had for volley ball (that was the only game they had). Inquired where are the first year junior college student gathered, got the info and left for class no 301. There I saw all seated and the coordinator preaching all the do’s and don’ts, with my courageous voice asked “can I come in, Sir?” the reply for that was you are late on your first day itself and then turning over to the other student, he continued coming late won’t be tolerated. I again interrupted asking “can I come in?” and the reply was, “no, stand out”, had to linger outside the entire seminar and even though if I would have been inside I might have been kicked-out again for sleeping.
The long speech had come to an end and they were assigning student to different divisions and I was outside looking out for my name to be called and that coordinator on purpose skipped my name. Students started to come out and get into their respective class, and I was still waiting outside looking every single student getting into their new class in line, and in midst of that line I see her, and that exact moment I prayed God please make me be in her class. I was following my coordinator asking him which class I have been assigned to, and thank god it was the same class.
To tell about her, she had worn maroon color Punjabi suit fair complex and that beautiful piercing she had bellow her lips was were my concentration was. Days passed by, I was the funniest or the one who disturbs the class according to teachers but student had a great respect for me. I was the famous backbencher. Soon word were around teachers that the only way to stop me was to bring me to first bench and yes I didn’t give up than too ultimately getting kicked from every lecture. Well enough about me let tell you about her and yes many had eye on her and I need to mark my territory so just told my fan followers that I got crush on her and let see what happens and yes I did have competition. There is nothing to tell you about my competitor as he gave up soon, than with certain friend I started to stalk her and after a month and a lot of peer pressure from friends had to make my first move.
I walked up to her, she was with her friend, I was nervous and yes I messed it up instead of saying the normal “HI or hello” I came up with a pathetic pick up line maybe, but the sentence was, “beautiful piercing where’d you get it” and she just walked past me with no answer.
I was upset and was annoyed on my friends who forced me to go talk to her, word of advice never listen to your friends out of the ordinary words when it’s about making your first move. Unfortunately I did listen to them and that led to the aftermath.
The next week I was completely lost thinking of giving up as that no response was a clear sign of letting me know to get a life. After struggling through these facts and still having second thought in giving it one more try, to make this one unending crush and get her to be my girlfriend.
I was always good with humour made it self defence mechanism against every depressing things. One fine day my coordinator walked past my classroom when one of my teachers was lashing out words which were same as what my school teachers used to say, I was used to those words and took it with a big smile and got more to hear for that smile. The coordinator just looked at me said meet me in my office; I passed out for few second and then regained my senses and followed him to his office. The words started to flow and there were words you can’t think a coordinator would speak, apparently every other teacher had logged in complaint against me and it was high time now, he wanted to meet my parent and with all this going around I heard the other part what he really wanted to discuss with my parents. He said that he would be bringing in the parents of that girl I commented who had best earrings (I didn't say earring it was piercing). I again passed out for a minute and wasn't able to use humour knowing that may have led to my suspension. I pleaded and made reasons of my parent not being available this time, said "they had gone to my native place", all I heard to that was okay we can have a meet after they come back and before your final exam otherwise I won’t allow you to attend your exams.
An air of melancholy surrounded me, I thought of ending my unending crush. Yes had to finally call in my parents and since I had this long gap between me bringing in my parents I tried to be the obedient student. He just did talk about my academics and there wasn't a mention of the one with nice earring. I asked him to change my division so that I didn't have to see her any-more. My division was changed but that happened the next year of my junior college.
Now what is this “the man who can’t be moved”, well for starters that’s a popular song by The Script. They were my favourite band because of this song and the video shows that the guy wait for her love no matter what he won’t move from that place where they first met. I was doing my graduation from another college at that time and thought of going back and waiting for her than yes the opposite thoughts of she won’t be coming no matter even if I won’t move from there and even college won’t allow me as I had no ID. Later I found a song “long gone and moved on” by the same band motivated me taking life optimistically and continuing my legacy. To tell you the truth “long gone and moved on” song stated that she’s long gone and moved on even when we weren't in a relationship.

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