Tuesday, 2 February 2016

The unending crushes - 1

I asked my friends what exactly is crush, Selva replied "Its the one sided feeling toward one person where there is no reciprocation".
Logesh added to it that in ones lifetime there can be many crushes but only one true love. Akshay was deep in his thoughts and we dindt hear any suggestion from him, as he recently had his 5th break up with Pooja who he thought was the one.
Yes we all were gathered on Akshay's building terrace to cheer him up as we have been through this last 4 times and we had hang of the things we needed to do. We had thums-up to drink and Potta fry to eat with pav, these were the things we normally eat in our weekly hangout.

We were all missing Guddu as he was the good shareef member of our rising guys. He had gone to pursue his further studies in belgaum. As i was asking about crush, myself had one crush earlier but it dindt work the way i dreamed over and over again it was a worst experience of my life.
Girls always break heart added akshay after his long pause,we all knew what he was going through and we noded yes "tu sahi hai bhai", we had no other option either way other than to agree but than came a voice of our lover boy Selva after taking a sip from his thums-up glass, no brother your completely wrong and we all looked at him with a stop ruining the moment look in our eyes.

He explained his prospect on true love as he had succeeded in finding his one for the life time, Ms X who was very supportive and also understanding never came in our boys business. Me and logesh were singles so we had no views on both all we could think of was crushes.
Logesh added yes man i am truly madly deeply in love with divya, his good classmate who was like always behind his back scolding and not giving him a chance to explain his love. His life went on with expectation that were never understood nor were reciprocated well. I always used to tell him that man shes not the one go for someone who respects you. Me i was just passing out my days talking with the Marina who loved someone else truly madly and deeply, i was the middle man in their relationship. Whenever there was problem with her love life i was there for her and as day went by i didnt realized that i was falling for her. i had crush on her since the day we met, but since she had boyfriend i had to suppress my crush waala feeling for her and stay in her friendzone hoping things would change.

This was what we used to do when we weren't together busy with crushes or the one, but when we were together we used to talk about them only.

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